The TU Delft Software Engineering Research Group offers a variety of courses at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Bachelor Computer Science and Engineering

  • CSE1100: Object-oriented programming. Andy Zaidman.
  • CSE1105: Object-Oriented Programming Project. Felienne Hermans.
  • CSE1110: Software Quality and Testing. Arie van Deursen and Maurício Aniche.
  • TI2206: Software Engineering Methods. Annibale Panichella.
  • TI2736-B: Big Data Processing. Georgios Gousios (materials).
  • TI2806: Contextproject. Annibale Panichella.

Masters Computer Science and Embedded Systems

  • CS4110: Software Testing and Reverse Engineering. Andy Zaidman.
  • CS4190: Psychology of Programming. Felienne Hermans.
  • IN4315: Software Architecture. Arie van Deursen, Maurício Aniche.
  • IN4334: Software Analytics. Georgios Gousios (materials).
  • IN4185: Globally Distributed Software Engineering. Rini van Solingen.

Minor Computer Science

  • TI3100TU: Minor Introduction. Georgios Gousios
  • TI3105TU: Introduction to Python Programming. Felienne Hermans.
  • TI3110TU: Algorithms and Data structures. Georgios Gousios.
  • TI3115TU: Software Engineering Methods. Maurício Aniche.