Arie van Deursen

Group leader, head of Department of Software Technology

Rini van Solingen

Global Software Engineering (0.2fte)

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Software Testing, Software Evolution

Mauricio Aniche

Empirical software engineering

Georgios Gousios

Software analytics, software ecosystems

Felienne Hermans

Programming education, end-user computing

Annibale Panichella

AI-based software engineering


Efthimia Aivaloglou
Efthimia Aivaloglou

Computing Education. Open Universiteit.

Alberto Bacchelli

Software analytics. University of Zurich.

Gemma Catolino

Effort prediction. University of Salerno

Chushu Gao
Chushu Gao

Visiting from Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hennie Huijgens
Hennie Huijgens

Software analytics. Visiting from ING.

Enrique Larios Vargas

Software analytics. Visiting from SIG.


Moritz Beller

Software ecosystems, continuous integration

Xavier Devroey

Search-based testing, variability

Maria Kechagia

Crash analytics, program analysis

Ayushi Rastogi

Software analytics

Gema Rodriguez-Perez

Code review.

PhD Students

Pouria Derakhshanfar
Pouria Derakhshanfar

Search based testing, DevOps

Marco di Biase

Maintainability, code reviews

Joseph Hejderup

Software ecosystems, program analysis

Robert Holwerda
Robert Holwerda

Social Software. Also at HAN

Bas Jansen
Bas Jansen

Spreadsheet programming

Vladimir Kovalenko

Code review, recommender systems

Luca Pascarella

Code review, defect prediction

Sohon Roy
Sohon Roy

Spreadsheet programming, testing

Anand Sawant

Code reviews, modularization

Mozhan Soltani
Mozhan Soltani

Evolutionary computing, crash replication

Davide Spadini

Software testing, code review

Alaaeddin Swidan
Alaaeddin Swidan

Spreadsheets, programming education

Qianqian Zhu
Qianqian Zhu

Mutation testing


Shemara van der Zwet
Shemara van der Zwet

Department and section secretary